Foreign Media Interviews

With the Olympic games fast approaching and Ross’ Gold gaining more and more publicity everyday, the requests from media outlets asking to conduct interviews with me are seemingly endless.  One in particular however, really spiked my interest lately, a foreign media outlet based over seas. Unfortunately I can’t mention who did the interviews due to a confidentiality agreement, but they are leaders in the media world of this country. 

 Based out of a country rich in both Olympic Spirit and winter Olympians, I originally assumed they were mostly interested in a basic ‘Where are they now’  story typical to Olympic Television programs before the games start.  I was quite taken aback when they mentioned they had been reading about Ross’ Gold and were more interested in covering the new business venture I’m involved in.  Why was I taken aback? Well, this country is quite a conservative country, especially in regards to it’s drug policy. A very small percent of their population smoke or support legalization of any kind.  Just to put this into perspective, approximately 12% of the adult population have ever tried marijuana, verses Canada and USA at almost 50%.  I saw this as a fantastic opportunity to open some eyes over seas and even help sway public opinion in favour of safe marijuana use. 

 The TV crew arrived and set up in our Ross’ Gold head office for the first round of interviews, then we drove over to near by Green Lake, which boasts perfect view of Whistler Mountain. The next day, we all drove to one of our growers so the cameras could get a first hand look at how these growers operate and run the facilities.  We made a quick stop at Porteau Cove on the way for another beautiful British Columbia backdrop and some more interview questions.  Once we arrived at the grow facility, we set up the interview in a drying room so I could show the camera some dried cannabis and explain to the viewers about the growing process, legalization, and the medicinal properties.  I was really happy with the interview and really don’t think it could have gone any better.  With that, the crew packed up their equipment and hopped on a plane back home.

The crew did a fantastic job and were professional the whole way along, I can’t wait to see the finished product.  I’ll share the link once it’s been edited and put together, in the meantime, it’s off to another interview with the next TV crew!   


Ross Rebagliati










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