Our trip to Vancouver Island

We had been trying in vain to find a time where all 3 of us could co-ordinate our schedules for an island trip for the whole summer.  Our order for Ross’ Gold one hitters and other handmade items was complete so we decided it was as good a time as any to head over to Shawnigan Lake and see our manufacturer, Neil MacPherson with Hipwood Crafts, to pick up our order.  The timing worked out so we had a brief window to get to and from the Island all in one day, a very daunting task.  Anyone who has taken the ferry can attest this is not easy to pull off.  With our trip planned out to the minute, we were ready to go.

 Ian picked me up in Whistler at around 5:00am so we could pick up Patrick at Lonsdale Quay and then head back up highway 99 to Horseshoe Bay for the 8:30am ferry crossing. It was pouring rain the whole time, not a very fun drive in the dark, but by the time we were on the ferry the rain was turning into beautiful sunshine which made for a terrific trip across the Straight.

 Once we landed in Nanaimo we headed straight over to Shawnigan Lake to meet Neil at his home workshop.  Neil was a fantastic host, gave us a tour of his shop and loaded us up with some great products for our website.  These are beautiful pieces, handmade from exotic woods from all over world and with the brass accents they are really beautiful, we are very happy to be working with him! Unfortunately, time was not on our side and we had a ferry to catch, so we had to depart sooner than we would have liked! The trip back across to the mainland was uneventful and quiet.  It was a good chance to have a nice rest as we had a big day in Whistler planned for the following day. CNN international was coming up to do some filming for an upcoming special on former Olympic athletes and what they are doing now!

Make sure you check out our next blog entry for details on the CNN film day!

Ross Rebagliati






The clouds parted for a beautiful trip across the straight. 





Patrick and I brushing up on some pot culture knowledge



The reason for our trip was to pick up our order of amazing handmade one hitters


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