Ross’ Gold Team Visits Toronto.

With airline tickets in hand and hotel rooms booked in downtown Toronto, Patrick, Ian and myself were ready for our first official Ross’ Gold business trip.  Months of hard work was finally coming together and we had a very full itinerary of people to meet, contracts to sign and maybe even try to have a little fun along the way.  We were excited to say the least.

The first meeting of the trip was with Millan Curry-Sharples, Producer and casting director of Thunderbird Films.  We had been in contact with him prior to our arrival to Toronto in regards to creating a reality TV show about the growth and development of Ross’s Gold, as well as covering the day to day lives of the Ross’ Gold team.  Millan was very excited about what we are doing and will be travelling to BC to start filming a Sizzle Reel, which is a short episode to show prospective TV stations, in early December. You may be watching the Ross’ Gold reality show before you know it!

Once we parted ways with Millan, we meet with our new joint-venture partners in the lobby of the hotel.  After some introductions and handshakes had been made, they wanted to take us to a friend’s medical dispensary, CALM (Cannabis As Living Medicine). The owner, Neev, was very welcoming, informative and passionate about medical marijuana and the people who benefit from it for medicinal purposes. Neev showed us some of his various strains and educated us a little further on which patients benefit from which strains.  We were also put in contact with a strain specialist out of British Columbia to help develop our own strains of Ross’ Gold, Silver, Bronze and Platinum.

After such a productive and successful day, we all figured a little celebration was in order.  We had a great dinner that night at a restaurant called ‘The Chase’ with our new partners and a few friends. Great food, better company and a nice bottle of wine made for a fantastic night.

The next day, we were offered ticket so we headed up to the Toronto Snow Show to take a look, meet a few people in the ski industry and have some fun relaxing after a hectic first day. The hospitality was great, the deals were even better and it was just a really fun day being surrounded by fellow winter lovers! We watched the Oakley Pro Am Rail Jam in the parking lot; these kids were really putting on a show.  It really got me excited for the fast approaching winter season, I am ready to go ride some pow, bring on the snow!

With all of the meetings done, it was time for us to return home to the West Coast to prepare for the next exciting phase of developing Ross’ Gold!

Ross Rebagliati


One King West, our home in Toronto for the weekend.


Millan and I brainstorming some episode ideas for the TV show.


Our General Manager, Ian and I during a meeting in the lobby of the hotel.


Meeting with our new joint-venture partners.


Patrick learning about some potential strains we may be offering to our patients.


Throwback with the GS board on display at the Toronto Snow Show. Brings back lots of memories!


Having a great dinner with friends and partners!


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